Sathyadeepam National Scholarship

Sathyadeepam National ScholarshipSathyadeepam National Scholarship – Sathyadeepam National Scholastic Achievement Test

The Scholarship test is basically intended to bring about a holistic academic development for students.The test not only prepare the students intellectually but help them to develop their behavioural and spiritual attitudes towards the challenges in their life.It’s also rewarding for the students as they stand a chance to win scholarships on topping the charts at the Kerala level.

The following are the main objectives of conducting the Sathyadeepam National Scholastic Achievement Test.

1) As a pre-preparation for the competitive exams
Practice makes you perfect. A pre exposure to competitive environment will help them to get enough practice for developing required skills at the school level itself.

2) To season and weather them for the challenges of life
Take them through the tough, transform them into the thorough bred. Prepare them for the odds of their day to day life.

3) To practice the power of thought through reasoning
The greatest power that man is endowed with, the power of thought. The test is a platform which facilitates conscious development of the thought power of an individual.

4) To weave them all into one fabric of universal brotherhood
In a world of disharmony this helps bind all of them with a single purpose. But the most critical is developing the purity of intent. The underlying oneness among the numerous differences.

5) To promote and popularize the sentiments of national integration
Integrate them by weaving them on one single fabric of unity. Let them feel themselves integrated to the whole.

6) To keep them hands on with current affairs
Be aware, in the know. You ultimately take all your decisions based on your knowledge base. The better the foundation the better the incisiveness of the decision.

7) To inculcate a positive attitude towards life and its challenges.
Positive attitude takes one a long way. It creates an internal strength to meet and master any difficult situation in life.

The Sathyadeepam National Scholarship Examination will be held on Saturday 5th October 2013 from 10 am to 11.30 am. The schedule of the exam and other details are given below. 

Eligibility : Students from LKG, UKG and classes I – X of CBSE, ICSE and State English Medium are eligible to appear for this exam. There will be separate exam for each standard. 

Mode of Exam : Mode of exam will be objective. LKG & UKG Students will have a question paper containing 30 questions with multiple choice and colouring with crayons for 10 marks. Classes I-IV will have 50 questions, Classes V-VII will have to answer 75 questions, Classes VIII-X will have to answer 100 questions. Duration of all the exam will be 1.30 hrs. Classes LKG to IV will be answered in the question paper. Classes V to X will be answered in the OMR sheet. 

Exam Centres: All the participating schools having minimum 100 participants will be the exam centres. 

Syllabus: The syllabus for the exam comprises English, Maths & Science (based on the school syllabus), General knowledge thoroughly graded to suit the candidates of each standard. Hand Book will be sent to the participating schools by 30th Aug 2013 after receiving the entry forms. 

Result and presentation of Awards: The result of the exam will be published on 1st Jan. 2014 and the list of the rank holders will be published on our Website. Cash awards, medals and participation certificates will be sent to the respective schools by 28th of February 2014

Award Ceremony: Ist, IInd & IIIrd prize winners in the all Kerala level will be honoured and awarded in the award ceremony. 

Exam Fee: Rs. 100/- 

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